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Does the sound of scrimping and sacrificing sound like a terrible way to live your life (just for a shot a decent life in the distant future)?  There is a better way.   To enjoy life along the way while being prepared for the future.   It begins by discovering the truth about money and finance detailed in Killing Sacred Cows by Garrett Gunderson and Stephen Palmer. Get started now by downloading your copy…….. on us.

Starting as a college student that wanted to invest 5,000 dollars after being the Governor’s State Entrepreneur of the Year, Garrett Gunderson went on a journey to find out where to invest this money.   Through an insatiable curiosity, a few bumps along the road, and even becoming a product peddling retirement planner along the way, Garrett discovered the broken retirement planning system.   With a passion for helping others achieve financial independence, he wrote this penetrating book to expose the most destructive money myths and provide a refreshing alternative to the worn-out, predictable advice touted in the media and from most retirement planners. Not surprisingly, many other experts concur with Garrett's bold advice.

Brad Gill from Utah shares that, "This book was such a breath of fresh air for me. Years ago as I was trying to wade my way through the swamps of financial comprehension, many of the principles you talk about in your book started to emerge in my mind. Although I couldn’t find any information that supported my arguments that conventional investing didn’t make sense, I eventually liquidated all my conventional 'investments' including my IRAs. No one I know agreed with that decision but I was convinced to do it anyway."

"Since then I have invested far more in myself than I ever have. I started reading and studying more. My quality of life has certainly improved along with my financial position. I have more money invested now than ever before and feel better about where my money is invested."

"It was a delight to come across your book and finally receive some confirmation that my suspicions about the finance world were not too far off. Your book has given me a renewed sense of direction combined with a lot of new ideas for my own improvement."

In Killing Sacred Cows, Brad and others have discovered the following illuminating truths and more:
  • A 401(k) is not the "safe" and "smart" plan that you have been told it is; in fact, it's an extremely risky investment    for most people.
    Killing Sacred Cows teaches you how to create safer investments that are collateralized, cash-flowing, controllable, and aligned with your expertise, passion, and purpose.
  • Conventional retirement planning strategies, techniques and products are probably keeping you from the retirement you really want.
    You can maximize the productivity of your resources, reduce risk, and retire well with    the right education and a proper macroeconomic plan.
  • Net worth is a poor indicator of wealth and your ability to retire well.
    What matters is cash flow, and this book will teach you how to develop it.
  • Debt may not be what you think it is.
    Learn the proper definition of debt and how this understanding can immediately increase your prosperity.
  • “High risk equals high returns” is dangerous dogma.
    Learn how to increase your returns and reduce your risk through smart, value-based investing.
Killing Sacred Cows is a must-read for mission-driven individuals who
  • want to learn the rules that the truly wealthy live by.
  • question common financial assumptions and teachings.
  • mistrust the follow-the-herd mentality.
  • desire a purposeful, passionate and prosperous life.
Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad shares:

I believe it’s lazy advice for a so-called “financial advisor” to tell you to “cut your expenses.” It’s also insulting. To think that the only way we could possibly reach financially solid ground is to cut back, reduce what we invest, and live a life less than what we deserve.

The problem with this is that no one gets rich clipping coupons and saving a dollar here and there. Frugal budgeting can help limited funds stretch farther but will not lead to financial independence.

Instead of focusing on reducing your expenses, focus instead on increasing your income. Increase your income - not by working harder, but by utilizing money that then works hard for you. It takes no brains to cut expenses. Anyone can do that. It takes creativity and a little bit of guts to figure out how to use your money to make money. That’s financial intelligence.

This is why I love introducing people to Garrett Gunderson. Garrett’s expertise is showing people a different way of being, of creating a different mindset to be more productive.
One of the best ways to demonstrate the value inside the pages of Killing Sacred Cows is to share with you some of the emails from readers:
We finished reading Killing Sacred Cows just in the nick of time. My wife and I decided to stop funding retirement (good ol' 401k's) and actually take all of that money out to realize the advantages of living a purposeful life with the velocity of money moving us forward. With the stock market doing it's scared cat thing again, we are happy to be out of the market now and forever so we can realize true wealth on a personal level. We just wanted to thank you for your message and the hope of true prosperity you have instilled in us.

Jeff & Heather D
 I just wanted to say, "Thank You". I've started reading "Killing Sacred Cows" and your writing has inspired me to discover MY Soul Purpose. I feel like it has been buried deep within me and will require some real work and soul dredging to bring it all to the surface. I'm up for the task and am ready to focus my energy on pursuing my life purpose. You are doing great things and I admire you for pursuing your passion with faith and determination.

I finished reading Killing Sacred Cows and watching as many of your online videos as I’ve been able to find. I’m completely impressed with your thought processes. You must have had several strong role models and teachers in your life. Your book is powerful. By far the best book I’ve read on life and wealth. I may just buy a couple hundred copies and pass them out. People need to hear this.

Jeffrey Hibbs
I recently finished  "Killing Sacred Cows" and was amazed at how enlightening the concepts were to me. The way you outlined the stumbling blocks most of us have in life and simplified the tools to overcome them was superb. I really enjoyed reading it and found myself saying, "yes!" multiple times.

Ben Horning
“Killing Sacred Cows” This book has been one of my favorite reads and walks through some of the extremely common misperceptions we have  pertaining to financial (mis)management, saving, investing and building wealth.  I have been implementing and following many of these principles for quite some time.

When I read Killing Sacred Cows in November 2014, my whole paradigm about finance changed. Like the subject said, it changed my life! I liked it so much I read the book again a month later. To date, it’s the ONLY book I have ever read twice! So thank you for writing it. It has brought a ton value to me.

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Dear Garrett & Steve:
Thanks for writing a great book, Killing Sacred Cows. The book flows well, and it is great to see you folks speaking up about Casino America. You are one hundred percent correct, the best investment is in yourself and in the final analysis, our primary purpose should be to be of maximum value and service to others. Well done.
All the best.
Barry J. Dyke, RIA
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